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Welcome to the Kitaria WikiEdit

Kitaria is a wealthy country in the Pacific Ocean , located south of Japan . With a population of 1 234 542 people that the country can openly support with its wealth and strong position in the politics , the people of Kitaria have a high quality of life . The Kitaria wiki provides you with the information of Kitaria's GDP , Industry percentages , history and much more . Read on to find out more about the country of Kitaria !


This map shows where Kitaria is on the world: It is to the south of Japan . Ninjatown is Kitaria's capital city .

History: How Kitaria came to be Edit

About 200 years ago , there was a ruler in the city of Kitora ( now called Tokyo ) who wanted all the land that he could get to make more money . He found out that Yumikio ( now called Yokohama ) , a city that was near Kitora , had stretches of fertile land . So he asked for an approval from the ruler of Yomikio to buy the land for an unreasonable price . The ruler of Yomikio refused , and so the ruler of Kitora declared war against Yumikio .

When the innocent people from both cities heard that Kitora was declaring war against Yomikio , they decided to negotiate with each other to come up with a plan to escape . Strong leaders from Kitora who represented the innocent people traveled to Yomikio to attend a secret gathering . The gathering was planned by the people of Yomikio who weren't involved in the war . Two leaders ( one from Yomikio and Kitora ) who were cousins talked to the group about an island that was just south of Japan that their grandfather used to talk to them about . They said they knew him very well , and he wasn't the type of person to tell stories that were fake . The two leaders from each side were highly trusted , so at the end of the meeting the leaders of the innocent civilians came up with a decision to evacuate to the island .

It took them three months to get to the island by boat but it was worth it . The island the two leaders had told them about was true and it was flourishing with flowers , fruits, and crop . They eventually got used to the island within a year and by then , most of the people wanted to expand further into the island . But before doing so , they wanted to give the island a name . The people named this island Kitaria in honor of their two countries , Yomikio and Kitora .

The flag of KitariaEdit

Kitaria flag

This is the flag of Kitaria .

The colours and symbols that are designed in the Kitarian flag have a solid meaning behind them .

First of all , I am going to explain what the symbols mean . The two dragons facing each other represent the two cities ( Yomikio and Kitora ) that were previously mentioned in "History: How Kitaria came to be" . The leaves that the dragons are supposed to be somewhat floating above represent where they are in Japan ( their land ) . The whole floral design that the "leaves" are connected to represent Japan itself . The black phoenix soaring in between the dragons represent the civilians that fleed from the war . It also represents equality and peace between the two cities through the civilians .

Map of KitariaEdit

Japan country map 90

This is the map of Kitaria , in detailed form .

There 9 capital cities in Kitaria which are Narnia , Hontoro , Ninja town , Charmander , Phineas , Ferb , Verdane , Zacadion and Sapphiro . The most highly populated city amongst all of the capital cities is Hontoro because it is the city which is the closest to Japan , and a lot of japanese people migrate to Hontoro for a a better future since Kitaria is well known for its high HDI score .

The top 2 tourist attractions in Kitaria is the Arizona forest and Mount Saurus . The Arizona forest is a habitat to many endangered species of animals, insects and plants . It has been preserved for almost 20 years now , without any humans affecting its ecosystem , which is why it is known for being the most beautiful forest in the world .

Mount Saurus is the world's highest mountain , 8,848 metres (29,029 ft) above sea level . A lot of mountain climbers are challenged to climb to the top , but most of them only make it halfway or sometimes not even close to halfway being up Mount Saurus .

National anthemEdit

We stand tall and free ,

Kitaria , Oh Kitaria ,

We fight with bravery ,

and win with glory ,

Kitaria ,

what a proud nation we are .

Famous celebrities Edit

Stella gomez

Stella Gomez at the grammy awards in Kitaria .

One of the many famous celebrities in Kitaria is Stella Gomez , a 17 year old teenage sensation . She was born in Sapphiro on December 21st 1993 . During her childhood years , Stella's mother thought she had a talent of singing in her so she signed her up for vocal classes . By the time she turned 15 , Gomez started a Youtube account where she could post up videos of her singing so she can build up her reputation as a singer . After a year , she was already well-known on Youtube at the point where her videos at least had a million views . John Martinez , a famous vocalist who has trained other famous celebrity singers before , stumbled upon her videos one day . He decided to call her number that was shown on her Youtube account and tell her he wanted to train her . She agreed , and that was when her career started . Despite the fact that she was unknown to celebrities , it only took a few months for her to build up her reputation and popularity through Martinez . In 2009 she started her debut album "Fearless" . 29,000,000 million copies of the album was sold worldwide and she won a grammy for the best female artist of the year in Kitaria .

Famous AthletesEdit


This is Damian rose playing basketball .

There are a lot of famous athletes in Kitaria , and one of them is Damian Rose . Damian Rose is a famous basketball player who is well-known around the world . He plays for the Sapphiro bulls in the KBL ( Kitarian Basketball League ) . Rose was born on June 12th 1984 in the city of Zacadion . He is spanish and japanese decent . He spent most of his childhood as an orphan in the orphanage , until he was officially adopted by a basketball player named Tyrone Rose when he was 13 . Tyrone trained Damian to become a good basketball player and by the time he turned 16 he was already getting into the city finals around Kitaria . When he turned 20 , he joined the Sapphiro Bulls in the KBL . He was named MVP ( Most Valuable player ) of 2011 because he brought a lot of success to his team ever since he joined it . He plays point guard .

He brings a lot of pride to Kitaria , and therefore , Kitaria has made its local sport basketball .


Farming is the main industry in Kitaria's primary industries . Kitaria is rich in natural resources in terms of crops , so therefore a lot of produce are harvested during the harvesting season . Among the top crops that are produced are corn , wheat and barley . However top-most crop that is produced is corn . When the corn is harvested , it is then shipped to corn factories to be processed .

The percentage of primary industries on GDP is 16% .

When the maize arrives at the corn factories to be processed , it goes through a process called " The corn refining process " . There are five basic steps to this process . First , the corn is inspected and cleaned. Afterwards , it is steeped for 30-40 hours. The next step involves a coarse grind to separate the germ from the rest of the kernel . The remaining slurry consisting of fiber, starch, and protein is finely ground and screened to separate the fiber from the starch and protein . The starch is separated from the remaining slurry in hydrocyclones. The starch then can be converted to syrup or it can be made into several other products through a fermentation process.

The percentage of secondary industries on GDP is 32% .

The processed corn is then shipped to wholesalers and retail outlets ( e.g. supermarkets ) for consumption ( to be bought ) .

The percentage of tertiary industries on GDP is 52% .

  • Corn was only used as an example in the industries .

The Quality of life and HDI score Edit

Kitaria is a developed country and has a high quality of life . In general , 97% of the people in Kitaria have a house to live in , food to eat regularly and enough or more money to spend on daily expenses . All this is possible because of the education that is provided and paid for by the government . The people who are included in that percentage are expected to live until 80 - 88 years of age and the hourly wage for workers is $26.79 . The 3% of the Kitarian population don't enjoy the priveledges that the rest of the population enjoy , so instead they live as poor people who don't necessarily have a home, who have no food to eat regularly , and they seldom have the money to spend on their daily expenses .They are expected to live until 50 - 65 years of age .

About 87% of the matured ( young adults from ages 15 - 20 and over ) people in the entire Kitarian population can read . The 13% aside from the people that can read are either born with a disabilty , or isn't able to go to school because they live in the poor , rural parts of Kitaria .

The average HDI score for Kitaria is 0.901 and the GDP per person in Kitaria is $35,146 .

Life expectancy (years) Literacy rate (%) GDP per person ($)

Average score for HDI

84.5 years 87% $35,146 0.901


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